Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce for Retailers

Over the last several decades, the retail industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. As a result of the Covid 19 disease outbreak, retail industry variations occurred. Sales of global retail products have declined significantly as customer spending habits have changed. In every field, competition makes it tough. There are already a lot of competitors here. In order to succeed in your field, you need to differentiate yourself from others.

Retailers are currently facing massive operational costs, non-availability of goods, and transport issues. Retailers could resolve challenges and boost customer confidence through omnichannel, cloud-based CRM business innovation.

There is a lot of work involved in this. In reality, if you have the right automation systems in place, you can eliminate a lot of the hard stuff. Retailers have benefited greatly from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Assisting them in making sure that they meet and influence their customers in an even more productive conceivable way.

With Salesforce Customer 360 available for retail customers, businesses  can now thrive in a digital-first world. The Salesforce CRM platform for retail helps unite teams, create compelling commerce and marketing experiences, and helps to deliver a consistent service at every moment. Want to know how?

This blog article looks at the top 5 ways Salesforce can be beneficial to retailers.

Quick overview of Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce marketing cloud is a CRM software that enables them to run and expand customer relationships and promotions. It helps the brand connect amongst all platforms, emails, online, mobile, and internet with all its customers and prospective consumers. It provides the streamlining of your marketing business and enhances productivity by efficient customer interaction.

Salesforce marketing cloud comes with the following tools:

Journey Builder – This Salesforce marketing solution is often used to create personalized client journeys via various channels.

Social Studio –  This platform aims to build such personalized promotions, converting your fans on social media into possible leads.

Email Studio – This one is designed to carry out personalized email campaigns.

Mobile Studio – This Lets you make the transition to smartphones and makes SMS, push alerts, and community messaging for marketing experiences.

Audience Studio – You would collect information from any channel with this tool and consolidate all the information in one single location. To allow the production of content that is more attractive to your customer, Audience Studio satisfies the social listening objective.

Interaction Studio – A framework for visualizing customers’ perceptions in real-time and communicating with them during every engagement.

Data Studio – The best approach for identifying the community, obtaining data, and taking care of that information is Data Studio. This is the best method that uses user data to maximize sales.

A CRM optimised for the Retail industry

Salesforce offers a wide range of solutions optimised for the retail industry. Retailers often find the most powerful combination is from using the Commerce, Marketing, and Service products. Powered by the Salesforce platform, this trio enables retailers to have a single view of the customer on any channel at any time. 

Helps increase customer loyalty and retention

Salesforce’s CRM solution for retail can help increase customer loyalty and retention. With a 360-degree view of each customer, you can use these insights to personalise engagement and build lifelong loyalty. Plus, having a connected system will help you attract new shoppers too. You can service any customer, any time, anywhere — and that will keep them coming back for more.

Helps support your team and customers

Salesforce’s retail solutions help you to reimagine the role of your stores and associates. Once implemented, Salesforce will play a key role in supporting your store associates to meet the needs of shoppers with digital tools and data. Salesforce can help your sales assistants improve the customer service they offer in retail stores. Shoppers can also enjoy connected experiences with seamless journeys across online and physical touchpoints.

Helps improve store operations

By digitally transforming your store operations, Salesforce can simplify your workflows by improving in-store, fulfillment, and service centre tools so that shop assistants can see how much product is in stock, when deliveries will arrive, and more. The Salesforce CRM also allows you to connect virtual and in-person interactions. This is beneficial in helping your customers from anywhere by providing employees with digital tools that they can use on any device. Customer experience is improved by allowing your business to execute contactless fulfillment. Meet shoppers’ growing needs for different delivery and collection options, including the ability to buy online and pick up in-store. You can even offer appointment slots which is a great way to manage your customers efficiently. 

Helps gain valuable insights & analytics

The Salesforce CRM for retail helps business owners gain valuable insights with store-level analytics. For any business, it is vitally important to understand performance and key metrics. You can increase business growth by providing decision-makers with on-demand insights, such as foot traffic in retail stores, available on every device.

Onboard, Engage & Retain Talent

Another key benefit is the ability to onboard, engage, and retain talent. Retail businesses that utilise Salesforce CRM are able to increase store productivity and reduce staff turnover. This is achieved by offering enhanced training. This helps employees define career paths and encourage more productive, engaged teams.

Summary of Salesforce for Retail

The retail industry has evolved over the last decade with more and more retailers looking to move online. Salesforce helps to assist business owners with this digital transformation. Today’s modern customers expect customised messages and special offers relevant to their interests and recent purchases.

Ecommerce has changed the way the world does business, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. The majority of customers still prefer to shop in store, and with the advantage of Salesforce retail CRM, they won’t have to trade the comforts of brick-and-mortar retail for the better prices or broader selection of ecommerce.

Salesforce CRM brings superior data technology to the brick-and-mortar retailers that customers love, and gives those customers even more reasons to want to shop offline. Retail CRM brings retail and ecommerce together in a way that every shopper can appreciate, by giving them the best of both worlds to optimize their shopping experience.

By utilising a CRM such as Salesforce, retailers are able to gather information, provide customised experiences and engage with customers with streamlined marketing material. Salesforce’s marketing cloud is simple and easy to use once implemented providing you with valuable data which includes forecasts leveraging the potential of predictive intelligence to deliver a 360 customer experience.

If you are a business owner in retail and would like to simplify your business operations get in touch to discuss how we can help implement Salesforce’s marketing cloud into your existing systems.

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