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Salesforce is a highly competitive and ever-changing platform that demands continuous monitoring and support to operate successfully for years.

Good administration and support of Salesforce services is more about expert support and smart technical interventions from time to time. Salesforce administration and support calls for years of Salesforce experience & acumen in the real-world business environment.

Only expert consultants who have in-depth business knowledge, good communication skills, and a strong sense of accountability towards their roles can transform Salesforce from a platform into a game-changing solution for a business. Our team of certified, senior-level Salesforce Admins combine years of Salesforce acumen with real-world business experience.

Our mission is simple: ensure clients take full advantage of their Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Administration Support

Salesforce Support

TTC Group is one of the leading Salesforce consulting companies that offer commendable Salesforce Administration & Support Services. We thrive to provide our clients with top-notch services within time commitments.

Salesforce Administrator Support
Customised Salesforce Solutions
Reports & Dashboards
Managing Salesforce
Merging & Migration

All Salesforce administration & support needs are managed by our onshore-offshore support team of administrators and developers that have excellent domain expertise.

In short, Our Salesforce Certified Administrators, architects & developers with their unique and innovative development skills ensure that Salesforce is utilised to its full potential for the betterment of a business.

Salesforce Administration & Support

Services deals in managing configuration to align with business workflows.

Customised Salesforce Solutions

We deal in developing and implementing customized Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce Reports & Dashboard

Our services also include generating custom Salesforce reports and dashboard.

Managing Salesforce

Managing Salesforce Integration with external as well as internal applications, single sign-on, and data migration.

Merging & Migration

Merging and migration of Salesforce organization, providing end-user support for Salesforce App Exchange along with Salesforce lightening enablement and end-user training.

Our Salesforce Implementation Process

Our Salesforce Implementation Process is streamlined for efficiency, focusing on customisation, seamless integration, and user training, ensuring a solution perfectly tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals. 

1) Requirement Gathering:

Setup meetings to gather requirements and finalise scope.

2) Design:

Use best practices to design a scalable system.

3) Develop:

Setup the instance using decorative and custom coding.

4) Testing:

Perform unit testing, system testing and UAT with client.

5) Go Live and Training:

Make everything live and train the power users.

Importance of Salesforce Training

Salesforce training is an important and mandatory part of the whole process of adopting Salesforce consultancy for a brand.

The workforce needs to be instilled with proper knowledge on how to run a CRM system in order to achieve productive business goals

Return on Investment

ROI is the basic and the best benefit derived from training a company’s workforce on Salesforce CRM Software. Well planned training program ensures evident return on investments that can be seen in the overall productivity of the company.

Proper Regulation of Productivity

Salesforce Training of employees guarantees the smooth running of CRM system and increased productivity of the company. The team becomes aware of the CRM working process and becomes apt enough to coordinate among themselves for successful operations of the system.

Good Data Storage

Countless reports and data are generated in a company every day. Proper Salesforce Software Management depends on reliable data from the workforce. Training a team in Salesforce management reduces all the chances of any major mishaps in decision making.

Workforce Efficiency

A trained team in a company renders efficient and productive results that is beneficial for a business in monetary terms. They won’t waste any time on difficult tools leading to better work efficiency and increased self confidence.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to be death with immediately and not handed over to some other person over and over again due to lack of knowledge. Salesforce training give employees knowledge and a better edge to serve the customers satisfactorily.

Benefits of Salesforce Training by Us

Customised Training Programs

Customised Salesforce Training Programs are highly useful for catering to the learning needs of different companies. We design our training modules to dispense the time and energy of a team in the most efficient way. Effective modules and certified mentors train business workforces to fully reap the benefits of Salesforce CRM system.

Expert Consultants

Our Certified Salesforce Consultants help businesses unleash the full power of Salesforce, implement technical solutions, and provide guidance on how a team should work around the new system according to the business needs. Consultants at TTC Group create profound associations with the learning team, and offer total support while driving the remaining process towards the stipulated goals.

On-Time Delivery

On-time completion of salesforce training is another factor that makes us unique in comparison to our competitors. We ensure better internal as well as the external collaboration of the learning team ensuring 100% reliability of on-time delivery. We have met the expectation of our clients by enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

After-Training Support

After-Training support plays a pivotal role in boosting the understanding of the core operations of a CRM System in real-time by a team. Our consultants are always ready to offer help no matter wherever a team gets stuck. Meanwhile, the team gains confidence and also learns to adopt the technicalities of the software most efficiently.

Why Choose Us as your Salesforce Support Partner?

Creating Configuration

Every business is unique in its own way, so a specific business demands specific solutions. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants are trained in executing custom configurations with ease like adding a simple data field to creating complex automated roadmaps.

Intense Monitoring

TTC Group Admins improves the functionality of a Salesforce solution by looking into inefficiencies and transforming them into strength points. We dig into a business model, find its requirements, fix processes, and figure out how to implement the best possible strategy.

Experienced Advisors

Our team of experienced Salesforce Admins knows what works for a business, and what's wastage of money and time. We recommend something to clients only when it makes some financial sense. TTC Group clients benefit from solutions that are well-researched and reliable.

Dedicated Trainer

To ensure the total success of Salesforce, user adoption is critical. Our Administrative approach includes training of new users, system trainings, and ongoing mentoring and coaching. We make sure the implementation works properly by getting the entire team to learn to use the system fully.

Training of Consultants

Our consultants and admins consistently participate in the training process and certification programs. It is mandatory at TTC Group for consultants to keep themselves technically up-to-date and current with new features for continuous System improvement.

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