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Seamlessly migrate your business data with minimal disruptions to your business operations with the most trusted and efficient Salesforce Data Migration Services from TTC Group.

Maximise Value with the Right Salesforce Data Migration Partner

In your Salesforce journey, moving your business data from any CRM or any system to Salesforce is not devoid of its share of challenges. It is a complex activity that needs the use of the right technical tools and methodologies.

Moreover, moving data from one system to another is not only a costly proposition but a time-consuming task – bereft of any easy workarounds.

Our Salesforce Migration Service specialists are proficient in the various tools and techniques used for data migration. We deploy the best Salesforce Migration practice to reduce risks, maintain data integrity by eliminating errors – ensuring you a successful migration.

Mitigate Risks, Migrate Effortlessly

Our Data Migration Process

Challenges are not new to us; our experts deploy the right approach for a seamless, secure and smooth migration. Meticulous planning and use of the right resources can make Data Migration, a one-time activity, truly successful.

We are adept at doing a proper estimation of the complexity of the project along with detailed planning and execution. We ensure your business data migration is done to seamlessly transfer data with minimal business disruptions.

Salesforce Data Migration

Data Planning

For any data migration project, our focus would begin with our consultants drawing up a detailed plan to decide for more than one data source and information for each source.

Selection of Data

We identify the data gathered by different teams relevant to your business. Accordingly, we select on the data to be migrated as well as specific information needed from which system.

Data Mapping

Data preparation is done by ensuring each source system has a unique identifier. If there are no backend IDs for sales records in the CRM, we initiate data cleansing and data deduplication.

Data Migration

We migrate data from other source systems using the latest ETL tools. We choose a migration method based on the data volume and complexity of the source data.

Quality Assurance

After the migration of the data to Salesforce platform, we do Quality Assurance test. We ensure all the data is transferred correctly with the right formats and relationships without any errors.

Data Integrity

Data protection takes precedence to all our activities. During migration, we ensure that we maintain data accuracy and its consistency throughout.

Our Salesforce Data Migration Solutions

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business with Salesforce Data Migration and Consulting Services:

Inadequate Knowledge of Data Structures

We involve the stakeholders who are better aware of the data structure and its flow. Their feedback will be crucial for any modifications and to eliminate any issues that may arise initially.

Importing Large Volumes of Data

We never recommend importing the bulk of data in your production environment at once. Instead, initially, we migrate a small subset of the data in a sandbox and allow easy fixes.

Inadequate Testing at the End

We follow the tried and tested ways of testing by running reports at the end. To check the record counts, we use the developer console as well. We count records by SOQL queries or using filters.

Mapping of Irrelevant Data

As a one of prime steps of mapping process, we eliminate unnecessary data fields that may find use in only a few records. However, we add fields such as Legacy ID or User ID to the source data.

Planning the Order of Migration

We understand the importance of ordering the custom objects as in the case for standard objects. It is imperative to take care of the lookup relationships, by multiple inclusion of fields of same objects in other objects.

Our Salesforce Data Migration Services Empowers You with an Efficient Migration Strategy

Regardless of the systems between which data is to be moved, our strategy ensures fidelity and intactness. It’s what you get with both – the best CRM Salesforce Software Applications, and the best Salesforce developers by your side.

⦁ Your enterprise can now concentrate on the things that matter most – delivering on customer expectations and growing business.

⦁ Unique identifiers from all data sources are assigned, and mandatory fallbacks secured before proceeding with deduplication. An able, current-day ETL(Extraction-Transformation-Loading) toolbox is employed to account for dataset volume and complexity. 

Data Migration Services

Our service offerings for Salesforce Data Migration offer cover Salesforce to Salesforce Data Migration, Salesforce to Dynamics CRM Data migration, Siebel to Salesforce Data Migration Services, and much more!

Our Approach

We come from an evolved approach to Salesforce Data Migration, working up from full-scale assessments of deliverables, going over designs vital to migration success.

Remedial Strategies

Our teams start by exploring and recognising inhibiting gaps in procedure and function. Remedial recommended applications then bridge these gaps.


To avoid jeopardising data and eradicate any errors in data entries, an able, current-day ETL(Extraction-Transformation-Loading) toolbox is employed to account for dataset volume and complexity. These are tasked with loading data to Standard and Custom Objects.

FAQs: Salesforce Data Migration

What are Salesforce Data Migration Services and how can TTC Group assist with them?

Salesforce Data Migration Services involve transferring data from various sources into the Salesforce platform. At TTC Group, we specialise in seamless data migration, ensuring that your valuable data is accurately and securely transferred to Salesforce. Our approach minimises downtime and maintains data integrity, providing a smooth transition to your new Salesforce environment.

What Salesforce Data Migration Tools does TTC Group use?

We utilise a range of advanced Salesforce Data Migration Tools tailored to different migration scenarios. These tools are selected for their efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with Salesforce, ensuring a smooth data transfer process. Our team is adept at leveraging these tools to handle complex data structures and large volumes of data, ensuring a successful migration.

How does a Salesforce Data Migration Consultant from TTC Group add value to my project?

Our Salesforce Data Migration Consultants bring extensive expertise in managing and executing migration projects. They provide strategic planning, risk assessment, and tailored solutions to meet your specific migration needs. Their involvement ensures that the migration process is efficient, secure, and aligned with your business objectives, reducing potential risks and maximising the benefits of Salesforce.

Why choose TTC Group as your Salesforce Migration Services Provider?

Choosing TTC Group as your Salesforce Migration Services Provider means partnering with a team that has a proven track record of successful migrations. We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of Salesforce to provide a service that's not just about moving data, but about transforming your business processes and enhancing your CRM capabilities.

What is Data Migration Consulting and how does it benefit my business?

Data Migration Consulting involves expert guidance and management of the process of moving data from one system to another. At TTC Group, our consultants help you strategise the migration process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. We focus on data quality, consistency, and the seamless integration of your data into Salesforce, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

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