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What is Salesforce App Development & Customisation?

Salesforce is a highly competitive Customer Relationship Management Platform that acts as a blueprint for App Development on Salesforce offering different types of Applications focused on managing functions like marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and more. It helps the application to meet customer needs & business requirements for a brand by interacting between various features

The Core Architecture & Components of Salesforce

What Do Applications Offer?

At TTC Group, we offer models in Application Development & Customisation that are efficient enough to meet the demands of modern Business Organisations. Our high-end solutions are designed to give scalable data models and dataflow.

We have a very dedicated team of Certified Salesforce Consultants who in association with the application architects make the whole process easy & productive.

Cloud Based Platform
Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that offers a multi-tenant architecture, which means that one common application can service multiple clients. Multi-tenancy is a highly economic feature of salesforce that allows many users to share the same server and applications.
Use of API
Salesforce uses API i.e. Application Programming Interface, which defines interactions between multiple software/application intermediaries. These APIs enable the developers to access apps from any location, using any programming language that supports Web services like Java, PHP, C#, or .NET.
Easy App Building
It uses both metadata as well as the application data in a shared database. In other words, it stores ‘the data’ along with ‘what the data does’ which is why the developer finds it easy to build apps on Salesforce as the functionality gets defined as the metadata in the database.
Reliable Functionality
The Salesforce architecture is placed on a platform which is used by various applications integrated with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud. offering a stable and powerful functionality.

As your trusted Salesforce Consulting Partners, we will ensure that you are able to make the best use of the CRM platform according to your needs and get the best possible return on your investment.

Right from initial planning to final execution, we will assist you in getting Salesforce implemented to obtain the best possible results out of the platform. Our Salesforce implementation services include complete assistance in performing each of the functions discussed hereafter with utmost transparency and sticking to your core business requirements.

Project Timeline

Creating a Project Timeline

The Salesforce experts at Tech Talent believe in taking the strategic and productive route to get Salesforce implemented within your organisation.


We will start by helping you create a complete project timeline for Salesforce implementation.


Always make sure that you are ready to devote a good amount of time to set up the CRM platform in your company. We will ensure that the project timeline does not overlap with any other important project going on within your organisation.


Also, we ensure that the manpower we need for the implementation is available during the course of the timeline.


Once all the resources to be allocated are defined, our experts will provide you with a detailed project timeline with the following key milestones:


⦁ Alpha
⦁ Beta
⦁ Pilot Testing
⦁ Kick off
⦁ Business Process Mapping


We will add these and all other relevant events and milestones to be achieved over a specific period of time. Before starting with your Salesforce implementation process, you can rest assured that you will be thorough with the manner in which it will finally be launched in your organisation.


All the activities hereafter will be conducted according to the project timeline.

Defining Goals & Metrics

Once the project timeline is created, we will help you in defining all the important goals and metrics that would help you get a clear direction in which we will be heading.

Here, the major objectives discussed with you will play an important role. We will quantify the goals you want to attain to make it easier for you to measure your ROI once Salesforce implementation is carried out.

Our team helps you define all relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to focus on, helping you focus on the takeaways you are expecting once Salesforce is implemented.

Although different businesses have different requirements and priorities, here are some of the most common KPIs our clients want to focus on:

⦁ Follow-up contact rate
⦁ Lead response time
⦁ Average contract value
⦁ Average sales cycle length
⦁ Contract rate of outbound calls
⦁ Number of outbound calls
⦁ Lead conversion rate
⦁ Sales activity (revenue generated)
⦁ Number of demos
⦁ Lead-to-opportunity ratio
⦁ Opportunity-to-win ratio
⦁ Amount of inbound leads

Our Salesforce Implementation Process

Our Salesforce Implementation Process is streamlined for efficiency, focusing on customisation, seamless integration, and user training, ensuring a solution perfectly tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals. 

1) Requirement Gathering:

Setup meetings to gather requirements and finalise scope.

2) Design:

Use best practices to design a scalable system.

3) Develop:

Setup the instance using decorative and custom coding.

4) Testing:

Perform unit testing, system testing and UAT with client.

5) Go Live and Training:

Make everything live and train the power users.

Why Choosing Salesforce Consulting Services is the Right Step?

Choosing Salesforce Consulting Services is a strategic decision for businesses seeking to optimise their customer relationship management (CRM) processes. These services offer expert guidance on utilising Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, to its full potential.

Consultants provide tailored solutions, aligning Salesforce capabilities with specific business needs. This ensures efficient process automation, data management, and customer interaction handling.

Additionally, they offer training and support, empowering teams to use Salesforce effectively. This leads to improved sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a strong return on investment, making it an essential step for businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive market.

Why choose us as your Salesforce Implementation Partner?

As your dedicated Salesforce implementation partner, we bring unmatched expertise in Salesforce CRM implementation. Our team of certified Salesforce implementation consultants in the UK specialises in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

With our comprehensive Salesforce implementation services, we ensure seamless integration and maximised ROI. Trust us as your Salesforce implementation specialists to transform your customer management experience.

Partner with us, a leading Salesforce implementation partner, for innovative strategies and exceptional results that propel your business forward.

Your Salesforce Development Partner

Here are the benefits of using us as your Development Partner:

High on Quality

TTC Group is a certified company since 2019. The brand is committed to delivering high- end products and superior services across our entire client base.

On-time Delivery

Our business model and the entire workforce strictly believe in delivering on-time services to our clients, every time without compromising on the highest quality standards.

Experienced Workforce

The team at TTC Group comprises of 50+ certified professionals with vast experience in leading Technology Platforms. We have delivered over 20+ quality projects across the industries on time and on budget.

Cost-effective Services

We offer high-quality products with significant cost reduction in comparison to our competitors. Good team in different production sectors ensure a successful project outcome at low cost.

Co-ordinated Onsite/Offsite Model

TTC Group has a business model where onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are backed up by Offsite Salesforce Development Team ensuring 100% solution with great flexibility.

Flexible Service Model

Once we become your trusted Salesforce Development Partner, you are free to choose a customized work model. We promise full attention, great service with no hassles or hidden overheads.

Intellectual Property Rights

We handover both the source code generated during the application development and the Intellectual Property Rights of the development work to you under a well-defined agreement.

Benefits of Salesforce Implementation by Us

Business Analysis

Open discussion & analysis to know about your current business status and design a roadmap for future operations.

Track relationships between contacts, donors, volunteers and partners, and engage consistently with them across channels. Salesforce Communities for effective collaboration with volunteers, suppliers, partners, and members.

Customised Solutions

Our team will work in close coordination to offer a solution that renders your business as productive as possible.

Data Protection

The integrated system and your data will have proper login and session policies to ensure optimum transparency & security.

Migration of Data

Sensitive data that is not required anymore will be relocated to a safer place for preventing misuse of information.


This is highly important, a dedicated amount of time is invested in training and support of your team to ensure proper adoption.

FAQs: Salesforce App Development

What is Salesforce App Development and how does TTC Group approach it?

Salesforce App Development involves creating tailored applications within the Salesforce platform to meet specific business needs. At TTC Group, we focus on understanding your unique requirements and leverage Salesforce's versatile environment to develop custom apps that enhance your business processes and customer engagement.

Can TTC Group help with Salesforce Custom App Development for unique business needs?

Absolutely. Our team specialises in Salesforce Custom App Development, ensuring that the solutions we create are perfectly aligned with your unique business challenges and objectives. We employ a consultative approach to fully understand your needs and develop bespoke Salesforce applications that deliver tangible results.

How does Salesforce App Customization work with TTC Group?

Salesforce App Customization with TTC Group involves modifying existing Salesforce apps or features to better suit your business requirements. Whether it's tweaking functionalities, UI changes, or workflow adjustments, our experts ensure your Salesforce environment is fully optimised for your operational needs.

What makes TTC Group a reliable Salesforce Development Partner?

As a Salesforce Development Partner, TTC Group brings expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem. Our certified professionals are committed to delivering high-quality, scalable solutions, ensuring seamless integration and continuous support for your Salesforce development needs.

Can TTC Group integrate Salesforce Web Services into our existing systems?

Yes, our team is proficient in integrating Salesforce Web Services with your existing systems. This integration facilitates seamless data exchange and enhances overall system efficiency, ensuring that your Salesforce implementation works in harmony with your other business applications.

How does TTC Group assist with Salesforce Marketing Automation?

Our services in Salesforce Marketing Automation involve leveraging Salesforce's powerful marketing tools to automate and optimise your marketing campaigns. We help you harness the full potential of Salesforce to create targeted, effective marketing strategies that drive engagement and growth.

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