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Acquiring new customers, delivering leading-edge recruitment to both new & long-term clients, and finding the perfect candidate in less time are common challenges the recruitment industry faces daily. 

The effects of the last pandemic has meant recruiters need to adapt and seise innovative solutions to keep a pool of great talent and support the fluctuating needs of their clients.

Powerful, scalable and automated.

Provide exceptional client and candidate experiences and form long-lasting relationships, empowered by Salesforce. 

Salesforce services built
for Recruitment Agencies

Salesforce connects the end to end client and candidate processes, helping you create a single view of them– so you can deliver consistent multichannel experiences and deliver seamless service across every touchpoint for a more personalised experience.

Get a 360 degree view of candidates with easy management tools to track each step in the recruitment process.
Impress clients and candidates with a swift and smooth recruitment process.
Find new customers and deliver leading edge recruitment to both new and long term clients.
Find the perfect candidate in less time.

Salesforce for recruiting delivers personalised candidate experiences at scale driving engagement and loyalty.

Recruitment Cloud Services

Here’s how we can help you transform your recruitment operations with Salesforce:

Find qualified candidates faster
Easy collaboration
Integrated data
Proactive communications
Einstein recommendations
Get a 360 degree view on Recruitment
Submit candidates, with a single step
Candidate application portals
Reports and dashboards
Finding qualified candidates
TTC Group gives you tools to advertise positions, search for suitable candidates and manage records to find qualified candidates for positions, fast.
Easy collaboration
Whether you need to connect your leads to candidates or simply keep the relevant internal stakeholders informed, by connecting TTC Group with your Salesforce platform you can make collaboration seamless.
Integrated data
Connecting Salesforce CRM data with recruitment specific applications within the Salesforce Platform not only provides a complete picture of vacancies and applicants, it also ensures data security and reliability.
Proactive communications
Connecting with clients and candidates in their preferred communication channels, promotion via social media platforms as well as personalized email marketing campaigns all build relationships and deliver new business opportunities.
360 degree view
Your whole team can manage the recruitment process with a connected system that is reliable and delivers. The TTC Group powered Candidate Workspace is a collaborative environment to manage all your candidate’s data, with one-click actions for tasks.
Submit candidates
Quick submit lets you complete all the tasks to submit candidates to open vacancies with a single step. With the job manager database, email templates, and workflows which contact every part of the chain, recruiters can submit more qualified candidates for positions faster.
Candidate application portals
Collect candidate applications with a custom portal built on Community Cloud. We’ve configured and deployed portals for government and private recruiters that integrate with their Applicant Tracking System.
Reports and dashboards
High-level overviews in custom dashboards enable proactive strategic decision making. Drilldown capabilities into individual client delivery and applicant journeys provide insights to drive revenue and connect people with new opportunities.

Benefits of Salesforce for Recruitment

Focus on what you do best

Boost your productivity by automating time-consuming processes, allowing you to concentrate on what truly counts.

Unlock new insights

Utilise both internal and external data sources to acquire distinctive insights into opportunities, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

360 degree view

Achieve alignment across your entire team and eradicate silos by provided a unified, 360-degree view of your clients and candidates.

Lifelong loyalty

Elevate your brand value and foster loyalty by engaging in personalised interactions across all channels.

Recruitment Specific Challenges

Revolutionise your recruitment operations and tackle industry challenges head-on with Salesforce solutions.

Discover how Salesforce not only meets but surpasses these hurdles, empowering you to elevate your recruitment strategy and drive unparalleled success.

Finding qualified candidates today

Labor gaps need to be immediately addressed with the right candidates to ensure business continuity, avoid repetitive hiring activities and expenses. Connecting the right people to the right positions requires efficient time-sensitive processes to meet customer expectations.

Creating a memorable experience

Providing a good journey for all during this important life or business transition will create a positive impression on candidates and clients. Sending regular communications connects people and makes them feel valued.

Marketing at scale

Recruitment agencies need on brand and personal marketing campaigns across multiple channels that build towards both a client base and a talent pool. This ensures a constant supply of job openings and a constant source of applicants.

Disconnected data and documents

Often sources of candidate data are held in multiple formats and applications. At the same time, client data, job specs, and documents reside in different applications. Managing a recruitment process with disparate data results in errors that can jeopardise the entire process.

Collaborative recruiting

Streamlining the selection process to drive team collaboration and connect applicants, companies & internal departments is essential to provide a memorable experience. High-level user adoption facilitates this as recruiters become used to a new process.

Valuable insights

Generating clear reports and intuitive dashboards to gain overviews of the recruitment process is critical for strategic planning. Having a complete picture of candidates, their recruitment path facilitates candidate matching to open vacancies.

Data security

Applicants and clients place high-levels of trust in recruitment companies to maintain their sensitive data. Keeping both candidate and client trust requires a robust infrastructure, with constant development to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Data integration

Disparate applications & disconnected legacy solutions can result in losing candidates and a negative impact on company brand identity. Integrating data from multiple sources into a unified platform provides a comprehensive overview of client recruitment projects as well as applicant journeys.

Deep Industry Expertise

A 360-degree view of the Salesforce Sales Cloud domain experience is derived by working with leading Recruitment companies across the globe.

Technology Insights

Pioneer in digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. TTC Solutions’ extensive domain experience in serving Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud services, technological excellence, and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators.

Credible Customer Reference

Enabling organisations of all sizes and industries to connect the customer experience to value. Helping the recruitment industry with custom Salesforce Cloud solutions.

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