Salesforce for Nonprofits

Enabling Nonprofits to connect and manage your clients, supporters, funders, organisations, contacts and affiliates in a unified view.

Maximize nonprofit capacity, income, and impact.

With extensive experience of working with nonprofit organisations, we are their partner of choice for implementing Salesforce solutions.



Salesforce services built
for Nonprofits

We provide full-lifecycle, whole organisation solutions for nonprofits, by leveraging capabilities of the Salesforce Clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, Apps and Analytics).

Installation of Apps
Data Migrations
Automation & Website Integration
Creating Salesforce Communities
Customer Development
Integration with External Systems
Support & Training

The experience that we have accumulated all these years makes us one of the best choices available in the field of implementing Salesforce Services

Nonprofit Cloud Services

Here’s how we can help you transform your non profit services:

Grant Management
Donation Management
Apps for Fundraising
Analytics & Impact
Learning Nonprofit cloud
Salesforce is the only platform that allows the integration of various applications. In addition, this is the only platform, that also allows partner applications.
Meaning Salesforce for Non-Profits has the privilege of allowing the organisation to develop applications in regards to the salesforce products. As the Salesforce Developer, you will get to know that salesforce is an open-source platform. meaning a salesforce professional can change the business model according to the needs of the customer.
Ease of Use
Salesforce for Nonprofits cloud has been so popular since it has an easy learning curve. This means navigating through the salesforce cloud is very easy.
With the help of this cloud, known profits are able to realise how salesforce can transform their lives and meet their specific missions and goals. With its daily usage donor, data can be unlocked, and real-time interaction can be made with the customers, Salesforce For Nonprofits.
Celebrating the Impact
Salesforce has always believed that technology can transform lives; this is the reason salesforce came up with the Nonprofit Cloud.
With this platform, salesforce planned to integrate knowledge, connection, and data in one software. When they developed this software, they had one mission in mind. The mission is to make use of the technology so that educational institutions and Salesforce for Nonprofits can maximise their impact.
NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack)
Whenever you hear somebody using the non-profit cloud, then that means they have been using the nonprofit success pack.
With the help of this software, nonprofit organisations and educational organisation can focus on the impact. As you start with the pack, you will see it’s flexible and followed the data structure that is open. The model is built in such a way that the Salesforce for Non-Profits can benefit from it. The pack has been designed by the global developers who blends technology with flexibility.

Benefits of the Salesforce NPSP Cloud

Unified Experience

Have a complete view of your contacts, donation payments, organisation accounts and affiliations, and grant lifecycles.


Track relationships between contacts, donors, volunteers and partners, and engage consistently with them across channels. Salesforce Communities for effective collaboration with volunteers, suppliers, partners, and members.

Constituent Interaction

Handle entire Program Management for all constituents. Communicate more effectively by using Salesforce Email Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Mobile Marketing Enable management of tasks, meetings, reminders, events, calls.

Fundraising Management

Simplify management of the donation life cycle from pledged to payment. Manage single/ recurring donations. Manage Grant lifecycle, including tasks, deadlines, budgeting, payments and reporting.

Volunteer Management

Recruit, track and manage Volunteers – registration, programs, events, shifts. Efficiently utilize and maximize volunteers. Reports and dashboard for real-time tracking of volunteer activities.

Mobile Enablement

Service your constituents better and enhance your mission by using pre-integrated solutions available on AppExchange. Install the apps or have us custom-build solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Deep Industry Expertise

A 360-degree view of the Salesforce Sales Cloud domain experience is derived by working with leading nonprofit organisations across the globe.

Technology Insights

Pioneer in digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. TTC Solutions’ extensive domain experience in serving Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud services, technological excellence, and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators.

Credible Customer Reference

Enabling organisations of all sizes and industries to connect the customer experience to value. Helping the non-profit industry with custom Salesforce NPSP Cloud solutions.

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Empowering Success: Clients We’ve Helped With Our Salesforce Managed Services.

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