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Get a unified view on prospects, students, donors, alumni, and affiliates.

The Salesforce Education Consultancy Services from TTC Group enable you to work across mobile, social and Cloud platforms – connecting all information at every touchpoint. 

We support the entire education journey.

Gain a considerable advantage in the highly competitive space of higher education with Salesforce CRM. 

Salesforce services built
for Higher Education

Provide valuable insights to build a stronger relationship with students and alumni. Place the students at the center of everything and achieve stellar performance across the entire student lifecycle.

Create a unified view of all interactions with all stakeholders and connect with everyone across all touchpoints.
Manage student’s admissions lifecycle in the entirety – all from a single centralised platform. Improve enrollment by recruiting the best students.
Make informed decisions with data-driven insights by monitoring the progress of students progress and ensure student retention.
Streamline teacher evaluations with reduced paperwork and increase the efficiency of the teacher certification process.
Nurture long-lasting relations with alumni for better employment prospects and for fund-raising activities.

Accelerate time to value and create personalized experiences for every lifelong learner with Education Cloud.

Education Cloud Services

Here’s how we can help you transform your education services:

Admissions Management
Student Records Management
Assessment Management
Alumni Management
Curriculum Management
Student Portal
Admissions Management
Now schools, colleges, institutes, and universities can effortlessly manage online form submission and admission processes. It eliminates long wait hours in queues and time-consuming paperwork procedures. Instead, students can enroll online and submit all relevant documents online during the admission process.
Student Records Management
Utilize a centralized database consisting of all student information including name, contact details, current grades, education records, medical records, admission details, and more.
Assessment Management
Facilitate smooth communication between the student assessment evaluation and the resource hub. It helps institutes continuously improve learning initiatives based on assessment results.
Alumni Management
Colleges, universities, and institutions can manage their alumni seamlessly. It allows organisations to track and manage alumni accounts through the online portal. Plus, they can create communication channels for alumni events accordingly.
Curriculum Management
Handle the end-to-end CMP or Curriculum Management Process which includes students’ learning curriculum, assessment modules, evaluation methods, and learning improvement tactics.
Student Portal
Provide a dedicated student portal with unique credentials to secure student access. The portal offer all students access to the latest institute programs, internal news, and several learning-related materials & opportunities.

Benefits of the Salesforce Education Cloud

Connected Experience

Education Cloud makes the students the center of attention, connecting every touch point and driving smooth student life cycle performance.

Track relationships between contacts, donors, volunteers and partners, and engage consistently with them across channels. Salesforce Communities for effective collaboration with volunteers, suppliers, partners, and members.

Customised Student Experience

It offers the 1:1 student experience by enabling you to plan and optimise student interactions, deliver personalised content across all channels, and measure your impact.

Unified View of the Constituents

Salesforce for Ed allows you to have that single and unified view of all the stakeholders using social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Simplified Student Recruitment

Education Cloud simplifies the student admission & recruitment process. It helps in boosting the recruiter’s performance and productivity by increasing yield and offering complete insight.

Challenges and Opportunities

Identify at-risk students and proactively address their woes.

Craft the ultimate 1: 1 student interactions by leveraging the power of Salesforce with personalised content across all channels.

Break down traditional silos by fostering campus collaboration, so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Admissions and Enrolments

Streamline the application and registration process for your Institution with Education Cloud with increased transparency and efficiency.

Improve Retention

Improve Student satisfaction and retention with Education Cloud. Get a 360-degree student view for building a stronger student community.

Engage the Right Students

Enrol and Engage the right students with improved marketing campaigns, with Education Cloud and build brand awareness.

Deep Industry Expertise

A 360-degree view of the Salesforce Sales Cloud domain experience is derived by working with leading educational organisations across the globe.

Technology Insights

Pioneer in digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. TTC Solutions’ extensive domain experience in serving Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud services, technological excellence, and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators.

Credible Customer Reference

Enabling organisations of all sizes and industries to connect the customer experience to value. Helping the education industry with custom Salesforce Education Cloud solutions.

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