Salesforce for
Social Housing

Now is the time for technology to step up to the mark, deliver true innovation, focus on customer success, and become a trusted partner to deliver the transformation the housing sector demands.

TTC Housing solution is an all-in-one, Salesforce-native housing management solution designed to help organisations that use Salesforce for housing and real estate manage their properties, tenants, voids, and maintenance requests with ease.

The product provides a 360-degree view of tenants, properties, rent accountings, and other features for advanced analytics to help you easily manage your housing operations and make data-driven decisions

Become a Connected Housing Association

A platform that connects data related to clients, service agents, repairs and maintenance teams, suppliers and other key stakeholders, in one place.

Salesforce services built
for Housing Associations

The experience that we have accumulated all these years makes us one of the best choices available in the field of implementing Salesforce Services. We help design the right solutions for you by offering facilities such as:

Installation of Apps
Data Migrations
Automation & Website Integration
Creating Salesforce Communities
Custom Development
Integration with External Systems
Support and Training

This unified platform, offers a 360 degree view of your clients and embraces communication and collaboration through several technology streams.

Housing Cloud Services

Here’s how we can help you transform your housing operations with Salesforce:

Rent Management
Prepared sets of tasks
Void Management
Arrears Management
Rent Management
Using TTC Housing software solution, housing managers can efficiently manage important housing information, including rental agreements, voids, arrears, and payments. They can effortlessly monitor tenant rent payments, handle overdue accounts, and swiftly generate detailed financial reports.
Prepared sets of tasks
TTC property management application offers a unique feature of prepared sets of tasks like cleaning or inspection that help housing association managers simplify their daily operations. Rely on TTC’S housing pre-set tasks to save time and improve productivity.
Void Management
TTC Housing Solution is designed to streamline the void processes, enabling you to focus on providing quality housing services to your tenants. With this feature, you can track and control all stages of the void process, easily manage void periods and ensure that properties are ready for new tenants.
Arrears Management
Efficiently manage the process of collecting overdue rent payments from tenants with our TTC Housing’s arrears management feature. Easily track the tenant’s rent account information, payment histories, and more to ensure timely collection of rent payments.

Benefits of Salesforce for Housing

Automated processes

Streamline your workflow, minimise errors, and ensure timely communication with tenants with our TTC Housing management software. Reduce the burden of manual work by setting automated mailings, reminders, and notifications.


TTC Housing’s extensive and customizable reports and dashboards help you stay on top of your housing operations by simplifying your reporting. Whether you’re managing properties, tenants, voids, or maintenance requests, TTC Housing’s dashboards let you easily understand and act on your data.

Streamlined processes

Salesforce offers automation tools that streamline your workflows, making your property management tasks easier and more efficient. With our TTC Housing Salesforce app, you can automate tasks such as rent collection, arrears & void management, and tenant communication, saving time and reducing errors.


Salesforce provides a high level of customisation, allowing you to create an advanced housing management system on your Experience Cloud site that meets your specific needs. With our TTC Housing app, you can easily customise your site to match your organisation’s requirements, ensuring a more personalised experience for your tenants and staff.

Real estate management

Create a user-friendly housing management portal on the Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide your tenants and staff with a seamless and personalized rental experience.

Our TTC Housing software is fully integrated with the Experience Cloud, making it easy to manage and automate your rental management tasks directly from your portal.

Recruitment Specific Challenges

Revolutionise your recruitment operations and tackle industry challenges head-on with Salesforce solutions.

Discover how Salesforce not only meets but surpasses these hurdles, empowering you to elevate your recruitment strategy and drive unparalleled success.

Finding qualified candidates today

Labor gaps need to be immediately addressed with the right candidates to ensure business continuity, avoid repetitive hiring activities and expenses. Connecting the right people to the right positions requires efficient time-sensitive processes to meet customer expectations.

Creating a memorable experience

Providing a good journey for all during this important life or business transition will create a positive impression on candidates and clients. Sending regular communications connects people and makes them feel valued.

Marketing at scale

Recruitment agencies need on brand and personal marketing campaigns across multiple channels that build towards both a client base and a talent pool. This ensures a constant supply of job openings and a constant source of applicants.

Disconnected data and documents

Often sources of candidate data are held in multiple formats and applications. At the same time, client data, job specs, and documents reside in different applications. Managing a recruitment process with disparate data results in errors that can jeopardise the entire process.

Collaborative recruiting

Streamlining the selection process to drive team collaboration and connect applicants, companies & internal departments is essential to provide a memorable experience. High-level user adoption facilitates this as recruiters become used to a new process.

Valuable insights

Generating clear reports and intuitive dashboards to gain overviews of the recruitment process is critical for strategic planning. Having a complete picture of candidates, their recruitment path facilitates candidate matching to open vacancies.

Data security

Applicants and clients place high-levels of trust in recruitment companies to maintain their sensitive data. Keeping both candidate and client trust requires a robust infrastructure, with constant development to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Data integration

Disparate applications & disconnected legacy solutions can result in losing candidates and a negative impact on company brand identity. Integrating data from multiple sources into a unified platform provides a comprehensive overview of client recruitment projects as well as applicant journeys.

Deep Industry Expertise

A 360-degree view of the Salesforce Sales Cloud domain experience is derived by working with leading Housing companies across the globe.

Technology Insights

Pioneer in digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. TTC Solutions’ extensive domain experience in serving Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud services, technological excellence, and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators.

Credible Customer Reference

Enabling organisations of all sizes and industries to connect the customer experience to value. Helping the Housing industry with custom Salesforce Cloud solutions.

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